Cleopatra ritual bathe,
100% pure goat’s milk


Powerful hydrating ritual with rejuvenating properties – The GOAT’S MILK – enriched with its 50 nutrients, including the A, C and B-complex vitamins. The best beauty product produced using the goat’s milk is the goat’s milk itself.

Rejuvenate yourself and enhance the elasticity of your skin, nourishing it and stimulating new elastin production. The new skin emerges soft and, immediately, with a healthy, bright and youthful aspect..

After a traditional and all natural exfoliation with sea salt, which in its chemical composition, beyond the sodium chloride, includes a wide range of helpful and needed minerals for a healthy living, it will be applied to you a drainage massage.

Afterward immerse yourself in a delicious bath of 280 liters of PURE GOAT’S MILK, which enhanced by Vegetable Oils and Rich Essential Oils 100% organic, Vitamins, Organic Proteins, Roses and Essences will make you dive into a rejuvenating deep sense of pleasure. Meanwhile, it will be applied a powerful Facial Rejuvenation Mask that has on it’s composition Essential Rejuvenating Oils which provide to your skin an unique touch of beauty and sensuality.





the divine spa

aromatherapy rituals

Free your spirit in a unique and personalized massage ritual, in which all the powerful therapeutic properties of the Essential Organic Hot Oils, Herbs and Plants are used to improve the body and the mood.


– Cleopatra Ritual Bathe: 100% PURE GOAT’S MILK
– Ritual immersion baths at your room prepared in a reserved atmosphere, at candlelight…


– Relaxing
– Energetic
– Sensual
– Anti-cellulite
– Body sore
– Alchemic
– Scalding feet with massage


– Cinnamon therapy
– Coffee therapy
– Honey therapy
– Cupping therapy
– Skin face care (anti-aging, reaffirming, anti-blemish,…)
– Heavy legs treatment
– Hands anti-age treatment
– Scalding feet


Inhaling incense enhances spiritual peace, providing a balance to the human essence. This is a unique therapy that leaves your mind at peace, rebalancing its entire structure.

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