Nautical Experiences

PREMIUM Experiences through the North Atlantic Coast

PREMIUM experience through the North Atlantic Coast in Catamaran savouring a delicious glass of champagne accompanied by a tasting of traditional flavours of seafood prepared by the Chef exclusively for you. Everything at Carmo’s style… A tour that can be on a exclusive basis, from 3 to 8 hours in exclusive for the Hotel with a maximum of 12 people, through the beautiful North Atlantic Coast, combining the pleasure of sailing and the pleasure of doing kite surf/SUP. You will always have the presence of a professional team for these types of activities.

Sport Fishing – Initiation (1 Day)

In addition to the beaches tour in the Atlantic coast you can enjoy the initiation of sport fishing with a lunch on board where you will have the chance to eat the fish you caught before.

Canoieng | The descent of the Lima River on a KAYAK

5km path sailing near the Ecovia of the Lima River… allowing to feel and live nature in its pure and relaxed state.

Canyoning, Rafting

Canyons descent, “throats” or gorges, following the course of a river or descent of a group of people in an inflatable boat, allowing know breathtaking landscapes.

Speak with us and offer an intimate and exclusive experience in a rural environment, close to everything…