Outdoor experiences

Outdoor experiences at Carmo’s style

Picnic at the vineyards

Re-live the ritual of pic-nic which Carmo’s prepares specially for the guests  at the sound of music, in the company of books, traditional flavours and a “minhota” blanket (requires booking in advance)

SUN circle – bioenergetic outdoor session

Give us the privilege of participating in the circle of the SUN, in an Outdoor Aromatic Bioenergetics session, using Universal energy. By the imposition of the hands we rebalance your physical, emotional and spiritual body, enhanced by the use of biological essential oils.

Air, water, fire and earth, together with the inhalation of insense, enhance spiritual peace, providing a balance to the Human Essence.

Carmo’s Enchanted World 

Visit our Enchanted World!… A space for adults with a children’s spirit, that we all have inside us! … Free access for hotel guests.

TEA ROOM – with a collection of Music boxes. From 16 hours | 4pm (hourly), listen to the music boxes… Here you can enjoy a cup of tea hot or cold and enjoy from the space.

DOLLHOUSE – with a collection of dolls’ houses, a recreation of the old relation teacher / student in the elementary school of the 60’s, among other toys and dolls, and also a mailbox to send letters to Santa …

The house of Frederico – Carmo’s pony and his mini riding arena…

Living Nature nearby Carmo’s …

Jeep Tours at National Park of Peneda Gerês/Protected Landscape of Corno do Bico

The imposing and rugged mountains, the almost virgin paths, the rough terrain, make up the ideal setting for those who like all road. These types of tours are an excellent opportunity for all lovers of Nature and All Road activities.

Equestrian activities at the National Park of Peneda Gerês

An amazing horseback ride through steeper slopes fields and peppered by the shadows of horses and herds… and at the sound of the birds singing.

Ethnographic and Landscaped pedestrian pathways:

– Footpath “Way of Bread”, Way of Faith:  VILLAGE of SOAJO
(National Park of Peneda-Gerês)

– Footpath of “Lombadinha” – Rural Community of Lombadinha and Oucias, grazing system…

“One Day at National Park Peneda-Gerês”

The Peneda-Gerês National Park is a pure beauty scenario, where you can breathe fresh air and traditions … Come and be enchanted by its heritage, crafts and ethnography … Discover its landscapes with a unique beauty … its viewpoints … waterfalls and lakes …

Speak with us and live an intimate and exclusive experience in a rural environment, close to everything…