Outdoor experiences

Outdoor experiences at Carmo’s style

Picnic at the vineyards

Re-live the ritual of pic-nic which Carmo’s prepares specially for the guests in a lunch or a late snack at the sound of music, in the company of books, traditional flavours and a “minhota” blanket.

Outdoor films (Friday 10.15 pm)

After a dinner at candlelight, a fire under the moonlight, a blanket and a Port Wine… or some popcorn which end up the scenario in a outdoor movie night…

Canvas painting in the Garden 

If you want canvas, brushes, paints and a scenery, a dead nature… a gown and a flower hat, some tea… you just have to ask the hotel and we provide the instruments for you to enjoy an enriching experience … (requires prior reservation – information on reception).

Outdoor Pathways or Routes

BTT Biking Route

Fascinating landscapes where you can see historical heritage and absorbthe culture of each place, while having fun pedaling.

Jeep Tours at National Park of Peneda Gerês/Protected Landscape of Corno do Bico

The imposing and rugged mountains, the almost virgin paths, the rough terrain, make up the ideal setting for those who like all road. These types of tours are an excellent opportunity for all lovers of Nature and All Road activities.

Equestrian activities at the National Park of Peneda Gerês

An amazing horseback ride through steeper slopes fields and peppered by the shadows of horses and herds… and at the sound of the birds singing.

Ethnographic and Landscaped pedestrian pathways:

– Footpath “Way of Bread”, Way of Faith:  VILLAGE of SOAJO
(National Park of Peneda-Gerês)

– Footpath of “Lombadinha” – Rural Community of Lombadinha and Oucias, grazing system…

“One Day at National Park Peneda-Gerês”

The Peneda-Gerês National Park is a pure beauty scenario, where you can breathe fresh air and traditions … Come and be enchanted by its heritage, crafts and ethnography … Discover its landscapes with a unique beauty … its viewpoints … waterfalls and lakes …

“Shepherd for a Day at the World Biosphere Reserve, Peneda Mountain”

Get to know the art of grazing and the life of a pastor for a morning. This activity will allow you to walk in the morning for locations with splendid landscapes, and enjoy the diverse colours that cover the mountain ranges.

Speak with us and offer an intimate and exclusive experience in a rural environment, close to everything…