“Divine SPA”

here we highlight the unique experiences that only Carmo’s offers

Cleopatra Ritual… A treatment with a bath in 100% pure GOAT’S MILK!…

Powerful hydrating ritual with rejuvenating properties – The GOAT’S MILK –       enriched with its 50 nutrients, including the A, C and B-complex vitamins.

Rejuvenate yourself and enhance the elasticity of your skin, nourishing it and stimulating new elastin production.

280 liters of PURE GOAT’S MILK, which enhanced by Vegetable Oils and Rich Essential Oils 100% organic, Vitamins, Organic Proteins, Roses and Essences will make you dive into a rejuvenating deep sense of pleasure.

Bioenergetic Ritual…

Inhaling incense enhances spiritual peace, providing a balance to the human essence. This is a unique therapy that leaves your mind at peace, rebalancing its entire structure.

In a session bioenergetics aromatic, enhanced by the use of organic essential oils and, using the universal energy by the imposition of hands we balance your physical, emotional and spiritual.

Scalding Feet Ritual…

Try the simple pleasure of feeling your feet relaxed, hydrated and scented… a mixture of hot water, sea salt, herbs and Essential Organic Oils.

Experience a perfect foot care ritual, wrapping them in a moisturizing and rejuvenating mask and offering them a massage that will balance your entire body through your feet.

“Natura SPA”

“Natura SPA” in the garden with exclusive treatments with Shirodhara and Pindas (outside in tent)

Ayurvedic treatments, very ancient healing, performed in India for over 5.000 years

Shirodara with Abhyanga massage

Pinda Sweda

Speak with us and live an intimate and exclusive experience in a rural environment, close to everything…