terroir is the communion
of two altruistic realities


1. The best of Nature with the best of th e Human Being

2. The search for perfect expression of civilization in a glass of wine…

Carmo’s boutique Ambassador of Portuguese “Winery terroir has selected the best of the best of the Minho Terroirs, from the biggest demarcated region of Europe, to increase the knowledge and appreciation of it’s unique wines in symbiotic association with gastronomy.

Orografically the region presents itself as “a vast amphitheatre
that, from the seafront, gradually rises to the inside” (Amorim Girão), exposing the whole area to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, a phenomenon reinforced by the orientation of the valleys of the main rivers, that flow from east to west facilitate the penetration of the sea winds.

The vineyards, which are characterized by their large vegetative
expansion, in different driving ways, occupy an area of 21,000 hectares and account for 15% of the national win e-growing area.

Carmo´s has
at your disposal

wine dinners &
degustation dinners
with authoctonous

Private dinners with tasting of wines from selected producers of autochthonous varieties, in harmony with a degustation menu of flavours of our gastronomy, at candle an d firelight… in a Rural and Unique Environment…

wine flight
terroirs of the minho region
with tasting of 3 wines

Harmonized selection of the wines you will taste alongside with the Portuguese flavours from the Chef’s selection.

wine atelier

Carmo’s space open to the experience, the direct participation of the guests, equipped with traditional instruments, where you can learn how to make wine traditionally —“Leaky Tap”— along with Minho flavours tastings…

wine tourism in
the doc green
visits to wine producers
from the region

Loureiro an d Alvarinho grapes…

Visit the Wine Producers of autochthonous varieties selected by Carmo’s, where you can learn the techniques, the process, know its vineyards and its history and taste the wines of these producers.

Carmo´s wine partners represented
on our winelist