Spa Access Conditions


Carmo’s Spa access is exclusive for hotel guests staying at the hotel. 


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For operation details during COVID-19 pandemic please click AQUI

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Regulations and etiquette

Socialization area reserved only for the hotels guests. A wellbeing and serenity space. The silence is appreciated, in order for everyone can fully enjoy the space.

In your room, there are djallabas and slippers for your access to the Spa.

At the Spa, it will be provided all the necessary accessories for use during treatments (towels, bath caps, ….)

Smoking is forbidden. Laptops and cell phones are not allowable.

The use of a one-piece swimsuit is mandatory for pool and Jacuzzi.

It is not allowed to jump into the indoor pool.

You can ask to be served a tea,  juice, a champagne flute, ….



The access to Divine Spa is only allowed to older than 18-year-olds.
Except between 12h and 14h30, when children can enjoy the space, always supervised by an adult.



Please attend at the scheduled time. Being late for your appointment may affect the following treatments and mean your appointment is shorter.


Cancellations and Changes

If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please do so via email or in person, until 24h before booking timing. We reserve the right to charge the full price for reservations cancelled on the same day.


Health and Special Care

Pregnancy situations, medical restrictions or other conditions must be mentioned when reserving treatments.



We recommend that, if you bring jewellery, you store them in the safe available in your room.
We recommend that you inform us in advance of any chronic disease or other pathology that may exist.  


Quality of our care

All products are 100% Biological (BIO certificate).

The instruments used in treatments are sterilized.

At each care treatment session, towels are changed.

The massage treatments are neither medical nor paramedical treatment.

These are just wellbeing and therapeutic treatments, offered as unique and healthy experiences using Aromatherapy.


Price per person 0.00